LibraryFind (Metasearch) testing expanded

By reeset / On / In Digital Libraries

I’m preparing some documents for our library faculty and staff as we begin expanding the beta testing to the entire library.  I make the next cutover from our development to semi-production server this Friday —  so barring any unforeseen problems or objections by the project team (good thing Jeremy is in New York till next week :D), I’ll be sending these docs and an invitation to join our testing to our entire organization.  So far, we’ve gotten a lot of pretty good feedback from our public services librarians and have been working this week and next to implement the changes — so it just seemed like a good time to expand. For folks interested, I’ve posted the documentation here. Its very simple — but from my information chatting with staff — this type of presentation seemed to provide the quickest path to familiarity with the project and the UI featureset.

  1. Image map of IU
  2. General Feature set description.