I’m back

By reeset / On / In Family

So I’m back. I’ve been gone for the better half of 5 days, having gone to relax, fish, do a little crabbing and spend time with my family. Here are some pictures.


This first picture is of Kenny fishing. I took him down to the docks at 10 mile Lake in Lakeside, OR to see if we couldn’t catch a few blue gill. He’s never had a chance to reel in a fish so I was hoping to remedy that this weekend. Unfortunately, the wind was just brutal (just like I remembered — felt like home :)) and he really didn’t want to spend much time out fishing.


Picture 2 — Kenny and Nathan out crabbing. Kenny likes watching the TV show, The Deadliest Catch…its a show on King crabbing in the Alaskan Beiring strait. Its a great show — I love it — but Kenny ended up thinking that we were going to be catching 7-10 lb crab. Fortunately, he wasn’t dissappointed. No 10 lb crab — but we did catch a number of keepers as well a lot of females that we couldn’t keep — but were fun to pull up. Here’s a picture of Kenny and Nathan with one of the first crab we pulled up. It didn’t have any claws, was too small — and was perfect for a picture. And after a quick picture — we tossed it back.

These next few pictures of the boys and me (Alyce too — but she was behind the camera) at the beach. Nathan loves the water so you’ll see a few pictures of Nathan and I tromping through the ocean as well as one with both the boys. Afterwards, we went out and built sandcastles. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay much longer than that since Nathan started shivering after I took him out of the water. It really wasn’t that cold (which surprised me) — but I guess the fact that I only got my ankles wet, while he was wet from his waist down probably made a difference.

All an all — a great trip. What’s more — it was exactly what I needed. I was tired and really needed to recharge my batteries and this was exactly what I needed.