MarcEdit Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

A small update.  This cleans the installation, optimizes some of the MARC Editing tools in the MarcEditor (particularly the subfield edit utility) and updates the Extract and Delete selected records utility so users can do multiple queries while retaining their last set of checked items.

Also, I’ve updated some help information.  As always, the program is available from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe

As a heads up — I’m going to change the help file.  Having the xml files transformed clientside is causing some problems for folks so I’m going to translate the files and ship plain html here shortly.  What I will do though — is make the help files available in XML with a batch script so users can recompile them if they like so that users can still make changes, notes, etc. to the help files as needed.

Other comings…I’ve been experimenting here at OSU with adding an RSS manager to MarcEdit that would automatically generate MARC records from RSS feeds.  I’d like to eventually have a tool that functions as an always on, MARC=>RSS converter — but in the first version — so I can get some feedback, I think I’ll make the tool a part of the MarcEditor.  It will work alot like the OAI harvester component.  You point the tool at an RSS feed and then run the harvest routine — the tool will handle the particulars of moving the data into MARC.  In my testing, I’ve found that this does allow for the quick generation of MARC records — but for any site with an ERM module, I’m not sure how useful it will be — but we will see.