MarcEdit 5.0 Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Couple of updates — two bug fixes and 5 cosmetic/behavioral changes that after trying them out, I think will be useful for folks.

Bug fixes:

  • Making the same file 2x in a row thows error: This is a timing error within the program. While I cannot recreate the error myself, looking at the error report (and video screen shot), it appears that one of the threads is getting ahead of the other. I imagine that this would likely occur on older machines or newer machines with the dual core processors. To correct the error, I just made sure that the threads were aware of one and other. Since I can’t recreate this error, I’ll be waiting to hear back as to whether I’m right — and this has been corrected.
  • When processing an invalid file with the MarcBreaker/MarcMaker, the progressbar will quite but the status message still says that the file is inprocess. This has been corrected.

New Features:

  • Under New in File menu on the toolbar — there will be an item for opening a new window
  • You can open a new window by using the shortcut ctrl+N
  • There is a new option under the MarcEditor tab — Open file in new window. If this is checked, the MarcEditor always will open new files in a new window if there is data in the current MarcEditor window (where the command originated). By default, this option is unchecked (so you will have to check it to enable the new windows) The only place where this isn’t true is when loading templates. My assumption is that you still want to all templates to be appendable — so I’ve separated the functionality. Opening regular files will utilize this behavior — open templates will open the new template in the current window. If you want a new window — simply use the shortcuts (CTRL+N) and then open your template.
  • I’ve added the .mrc file as a filter in the MarcEditor. It will essentially do what I do with the Preview File command (which you see when you right click on an mrc file). The file will be openned into a temporary file. The program will remove the bits that tell it that set the filename for the loaded file (since this is a temp file) — so any change to the file will always prompt the user to save the file to a new location.
  • I’ve setup the save buttons to work like save as — this way the user is prompted to save, even if the file hasn’t been edited.

As usual, the file can be downloaded from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe