New Bike — sortof

By reeset / On / In Cycling

Today, for the first time, I found myself on a recumbant.  A friend of mine had one that he was able to setup for me and let me tool around in it as we took an extended ride.  Definitely different.  When I first got on, I couldn’t figure out how I was going to be able to right the bike given the difference center of gravity — but after a few miles and a climb — I really got the hang of it.  Then the cool part was my friend let me borrow the bike.  So its going to become my part-time commuter.  Given the different muscles being worked, I figured it will help make me a bit for well rounded.  Plus, the bike is a kick to ride.  If you do any cycling — I highly recommend trying one.  Just don’t get frustrated right away with how different an unstable it feels.  That feeling goes away after putting a few miles on the bike.  I’ll be taking a ride tomorrow — so if I remember, I’ll snap a picture of the bike.