Ah — well, it looks like we are getting close to a formal public release….Friday actually.  There are a few things that I’d still like to work better (III’s Z39.50 server for example) — but we are ready to make it available to our patrons and start taking our lumps.  Some of the new things that won’t make it into the first release will be the user logging functionlity allowing users to login and track clicks/searches (mostly due to a lack of time to finish everything).  But what will make it is a FRBR like interface allowing folks to narrow searches — as well as a database recommender allowing users to find databases that are not necessarily searched by the application.  Anyway, I’ve attached an image of the current look at feel.

BTW — one question for you coders out there.  Anyone still do easter eggs?  I always put a few in my applications (the current version of MarcEdit, for example, has 2) when I work on a large project just for fun.  At this point, I have one in LibraryFind — though I imagine I’ll pull it out before we release the final code to the public.  🙂