MarcEdit 7 weekly build

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Issues completed as part of the MarcEdit 7 weekly update  Couple of things to highlight. 

  • * I’ve integrated a check and download of a Unicode Font into the Startup Wizard.  This will enable users to retrieve and install the Noto Fonts set into a private fonts collection for use by the application.
  • * Clustering tools are now available as a stand alone tool
  • * New Translations
  • * Lots of bug fixes

Thanks to all the folks that are downloading the alpha and trying it out.  Most of the bug reports are directly related to user testing.

  1. Enhancement: All processes: Updated Temp file management
  2. Bug Fix: Plugin Manager failing because it’s missing a column for MarcEdit version (note, none of the current plugins will work with MarcEdit 7)
  3. Enhancement: Added new languages for Croatian, Estonian, Indonesian, Hungarian, and Vietnamese
  4. Enhancement: Offer download into private font collection the Noto fonts when no Unicode font is present. This will make the fonts *only* available for use with MarcEdit.
  5. When Editing a task list — could the list not refresh? This occurs when you have a theme defined. 
  6. Bug Fix: Update all the Z39.50/SRU databases (specifically — the lc databases point to the old voyager endpoint that I believe is turned off)
  7. Bug Fix: Working with Saxon, XSLT transformations that link to files with spaces or special characters fail
  8. Bug Fix: Clustering Tool — selecting a top level cluster would include # of records in the cluster, not just the data to copy
  9. Enhancement: Clustering Tools — Add to the Main Window as a stand-alone tool
  10. Bug Fix: On install, the file types are not associated
  11. Enhancement: New Font’s dialog to support private fonts collections
  12. Bug Fix: Fonts not sticking when using the startup wizard
  13. Enhancement: Added Unicode Font download to help
  14. Bug Fix: Z39.50/SRU downloads were only downloading as .mrk formatted data, not as binary MARC. The Tool has been updated to select download type by extension.
  15. Enhancement: Updated the Icon a bit so that it’s not so transparent on the desktop.

Finally, I recorded and uploaded a video demonstrating the new startup wizard options related to the unicode fonts.  Please see:

The download can be retrieved from the MarcEdit 7 alpha/beta downloads page:

Questions, let me know.