MarcEdit 5.0 Beta Update (8/24/05)

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Ok — I’ve posted a new beta refresh. This version includes a version of the Z39.50 client. I should have the SRU code included this week (I hope) — but folks that are interested can start trying the Z39.50 client now. Its a bit different than before — hopefully better. I’ve made some accommedations for the Library of Congress (MarcEdit now maintains a single stated connection rather than opening a thread pool and hammering whatever server it queries in batch mode) and have included a configuration to allow the connection to pause 6 seconds between queries in batch mode (another LC accommedation). This can be turned off, but if you query LC, be warned that they will be enforcing this query limit so you could potentially find your ip blocked if you hit them without this pause activated.

Other changes:
1) Helpfile revisions
2) command line parameters added
3) 5.0 will now assume control of the .mrc, .mrk and .mrk8 extensions.
4) new installer — I’d like to get away from the Microsoft installer, so I’ve gone with the NullSoft installer. I love that its scriptable.
5) few fixes from the previous build and better error checking.
6) Extract Selected Records/Delete Selected Records — I’ve added the Regular expression support (example: “[tT]he”) and added support for file importing. File importing works as the following:
a) Enter full file path in the Find Text Box
b) Select Find
c) The program will read the file and take the first line to determine what field should be searched and then will utilize the rest of the file to see what items should be checked. An example of a file querying specified 001s


This isn’t in the help file right now — but it will be soon.
I’m in the home stretch. After I finish the SRU client in the Z39.50 client I should be ready to take the program out of beta. I basically have a handful of things left on my checklist to finish and then I’ll be done. Yah.

The update can be downloaded from: MarcEdit Download Page

One thought on “MarcEdit 5.0 Beta Update (8/24/05)

  1. I am really excited to share my working experience using Marc edit by now and i would like to see the 5.0 version. Seems to be coming with many modifications. I am just testing new beta version if there are any errors i will email them to you.

    Once again i thank you for all your efforts of developing such a wonderfull software