MarcEdit 5.0 Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I posted an update to MarcEdit tonight.  Changes:

  1. Bug fix: When moving data from UTF-8 to MARC8, specific subscript characters would be placed into the superscript area.
  2. Bug fix: When working with the Console — if you used the commandline parameters — the destination path was being read incorrectly.
  3. Added Help files
  4. Updated Langauge files
  5. Including a bootloader that works both with the installation program — but also can be used to finished the installation process on a Linux or MAC.  Since I’m placing items into the gac — I figured it would make installation easier for those wanting to try the console version on a linux or mac.  Now that this utility is in place — I’ll be posting a tar ball with instructions on how to run the console version on linux and mac.

As always — the program can be picked up from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe