Ruby and Rails

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So, because of a project that I’m working on — I’ve started learning Ruby with Rails.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that Ruby is a really easy language to learn.  I have a feeling that when Microsoft developed C# — they based it on languages like Ruby because the overall feel is pretty much the same.  The big differences — punctuation, or lack there of and the lack of typed variables, at least in a strong typed sense.  But these are quirks that you just get use to.  In general, my initial impressions are positive. 

So learning ruby and rails.  I read the following two books last night:

Programming Ruby (

Agile Web Development with Rails (

Both were easy reads and basically got me to the point where I could start looking at writing some code.  Now, I’m going back through the books and marking pages and concepts that I want to highlight for future consultation.