Crater Lake Trip

By reeset / On / In Cycling

What a blast! I’ll post pictures sometime later but I just got back from a camping trip where me, Kyle Banerjee, Joe Toth (our wanderer from Vermont), Bryan Miyagishima and Betty (I forget her last name right now) rode our bikes from Diamond Lake to Crater Lake, around the rim and back. Its actually quite a bit of heigher altitude climbing (for example, you go from 5100 to 7000 ft over the first 14 miles — with a total 6000 net elevation gain), but its not a terribly long ride (68 miles by the odometers — but we’ll say 70 because somehow it just sounds longer :)) Anyway, as always, Kyle impressed me with his feather weight bike — though the person that really impressed me was Bryan. He rode the whole way on a recumbent — and really grinded up the hills. It took him a little longer but I’m positive he worked harder than any one else in the group. Great time though — hopefully we can make this an annual trip.