Project Gutenburg MARC records

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I’m not sure how many folks will be interested, but I had someone ask me how difficult it would be to generate MARC records from the Project Gutenburg RDF catalog records.  Since I couldn’t remember if anyone has already generated a process for creating MARC records from these sets — I quickly generated an XSLT stylesheet to do this transformation.  I need to add a couple of custom templates I use in other stylesheets to add subfields to the author main entries, LCSH subjects and calculate skip digits on the title fields, but so far so good.  I’m in transit to ALA today, but when I get settled, I’ll post a link to the generated records and XSLT crosswalk for those interested.


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  1. I’m looking to integrate Gutenburg MARC records into our eGranary Digital Library catalog.

    Did you finish this translation project?


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  2. I do have a working stylesheet that appears to generate fairly good MARC records (at least as good as can be expected)