Helping out New Orleans in my own special way

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Have you ever known that you were being taken?  Well, I did (as did my wife) and was.  Whooho!  We were walking down Decanter (is that how you spell it) street and was approached by someone playing a steet game.  I was game — and of course — it didn’t work out.  Cost me $20 but will give me a good story for later I guess.  So, that’s $20 additional dollars back into the New Orleans local economy. 🙂  But I love the old French buildings and the river.  I’m hoping to find time for a river boat ride.   And the music.  I love that you can hear jazz music just about everwhere.  Today, walking down the river walk, they were playing pipe music off the stream ship’s pipes.  Very cool. 

Anyway, on another note — I’ve never been to New Orleans.  I’ve only read about it and to be honest — had a bit of a different idea of what it would be like.  Its very different from any city that I’ve ever visited.  Maybe I’m a little too conservative — but its a bit racy for my tastes.  I’d assumed this would be the case on Burboun Street (and was right) — but the content of Burboun Street does creep quite a bit up and down Canal Street and a little beyond. 

But the food — you have to love the food.  I love the food.  I’m a big seafood (Shrimp, Oysters, fish, etc) fan — so I’ve been loving the food and am looking forward to sampling a bit more over the next couple of days.  So far, I’ve had shrimp, turtle soup (which was surprisingly good) and some fried green tomatoes (my wife ate the tomotoes) in a shrimp/veg. sauce.  It was great.