Nathan’s first real fireworks

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The City of Independence, Oregon does the 4th of July well.  They actually host two large fireworks shows that are some of the best I’ve seen put on by a city smaller than 250,000 — which is saying something since Independence is a town of 7,500.  Anyway, tonight, they had the city appreciation day fireworks.   We took the boys (since the crowds are smaller) and Nathan loved it.  I was walking with him in my arms while we were looking for a neon glow stick when the first fireworks exploded.  All I heard was “WOW!!!” and that was it.  I heard oohs, and ahs…some wows and whoos, followed by occasional clapping.  He definitely loved them.  And the fireworks show is about just the right size — 25 minutes for the city appreciation show.  The larger fireworks show runs ~45 minutes.  Anyway, given that Nathan enjoyed it, we will likely be looking for other fireworks shows over the next two days.  Fortunately, Kenny loves the fireworks as well — and he’s getting so much braver.  At the fireworks celebration, they have a festival and for the first time — he was riding rides all by himself.  Very cool.