MarcEdit 5.0 update

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New updates to the MarcEdit 5.0 program.  The updates are as follows:

  1. Script Wizard:  The script wizard is back in MarcEdit.  Currently the script wizard only produces VBscripts (i.e., has the same functionality as the 4.6 version) — but the internal framework is such that new script language should be easy to add.  I’ll be working on adding a PERL output next — followed by a python output.  After that, I’ll see if there are additional languages that I should support.
  2. MarcValidator changes:  I’ve added a new field to the marcrules.txt file.  The new field is valid and is used to denote valid characters within a field.  Where might this be useful.  Well, the 020 for example — in testing valid data in the subfield.  If you want to use this new feature — and have downloaded MarcEdit 5.0 in the past, you will need to modify your marcrules.txt file after doing the update.  The installer will not modify this file because its a config file that the user may modify.  Here’s a sample of the new format:

valid [^0-9x] Valid Characters
ind1 blank Undefined
ind2 blank Undefined
a NR International Standard Book Number
c NR Terms of availability
z R Canceled/invalid ISBN
6 NR Linkage
8 R Field link and sequence number

Notice the valid statement.  Here, Valid must be a regular expression that can evaluate as true or false.  Here, the expression is noting that any character that is not 0-9x is invalid.  So if a character is not one of these values — it evaluates as true and an error message is shown.    At some point in the future, I’ll likely create a special holder for ISBN so the tool could also validate digits (checkdigits, etc).  Right now, the tool simply doesn’t know that its dealing with an ISBN — its just looking at the rules file to see how the field should be constructed.

Anyway, those are the two big updates.  You can download the file from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe


2 thoughts on “MarcEdit 5.0 update

  1. “Well, the 020 for example — in testing valid data in the subfield.”

    Wouldn’t this report an error for parenthetically qualified ISBNs? For price information in $c? Should this be a subfield-level validity instead of field-level?

    Thank you,
    Bryan Baldus

  2. Well, no. I cheat a little bit. The tool makes some assumptions when reading data — ie., when it comes across a space — it assumes that its at the end of the data to be tested (unless a space is part of the valid elements). So for example:
    020 \\$a012312432x (book)
    wouldn’t be flagged as an error because the space between the isbn and the parenthetical notation ends the validity checking. Additional subfields however, they likely could flag errors. Fortunately, doing validity on subfields rather than the entire field is an easy thing to change — if I have 15-20 minutes this weekend, I’ll see.