MarcEdit Script maker PERL template (for those wanting to take a look)

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

So, the new Script maker uses templates — which is making my life much easier in terms of implementating the script maker because the lion share of the code isn’t in the compiled libraries.  It also what is making implementing new scripting languages possible.  This is because MarcEdit’s script maker actually writes a script in an internal format (very basic like)….i.e. IF FIELD(500) HAS ‘Test Data’: PRINT ‘=500  1\$aNew Field.’ or IF FIELD(099) REGEX ‘[^0-9x]’: DEL ‘=500’

This means that the script maker has a light-weigh interpreter that translates the commands to my internal scripting language.  Once in this scripting language — I use a translator to change the data to different script languages.  Its actually pretty easy to add support for new scripts once the template file is written.  Now that the perl template file is written, I’m expecting that I’ll be able to finish the PERL implementation by Sat. (lets say latest).  At the same time, I’m starting to write the Python template and I’ll post it for folks to look over if you are interested once its finished.

Anyway, the perl template can be found here: PERL_Template.  If you have comments, feel free to let me know.  The templates will allow folks to modify them to suit their own needs, but I’d like to have it fairly solid before sending it out.