A hole in my ceiling

By reeset / On / In Family

Ah, one of the many joys of home ownership.  I was going up the stairs on Tuesday and on my way up, noticed a small wet spot on the carpet.  Of course, my first thought was where is the dog and Nathan.  The both are in the drooly stages of life (of which, hopefully Nathan will grow out of :)), but they were no where to be seen.  Then, I felt a drop on my head.  I looked up and seen some drips coming out of a light fixture.  It took but a second to put two and two together.  My wife was taking a shower, coming from the ceiling — ah, a leaky pipe.  But where? 

So I pulled out the ladder and climbed in the crawl space looking to see if I could see the pipes, and you couldn’t.  So, I called a plumber and they showed up yesterday and after looking around, cut a hole in my ceiling and sure enough, a leak at the shower joint.  Apparently, when they build the house, they used a cheapo plastic joint — rather than the more expensive (and better) brass joints.  So, our man yanked out the old plastic parts and installed the brass fittings.  Took about an hour and a half for the work to be done.  Very happy, with the workman and the service.  But now I have a hole in my ceiling — at least until Monday when we will be having a carpenter com over and fix it.  Fortunately, it looks like we caught it right as it started to leak — as only about a 2×2 foot of drywall needs to be replaced from the ceiling. 

Of course, my boys loved watching someone cut into the ceiling.  I’m not sure why they enjoy house devistation so much.  But I notice its a trend.  Anytime I do work on the house like when we recently tore up the carpets to put in wood floors, the boys are right underfoot excitly rooting me on and hoping I’ll tear something else up.  Maybe its the drills, saws, etc. that they enjoy so much.  Who knows. 🙂