MarcEdit 5.0 Updates

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I won’t be posting these till tomorrow or Sunday, but here’s what’s coming:

  1. Script Maker:  Script maker will now support the generation of PERL scripts.  I’ve added the code to the interpreter and now its generating PERL scripts.  I need to test them.  Very likely, I’ll be fixing a few problems with them once I make this available (I’m not a particular fan of PERL, so it doesn’t just come to me), but that will be OK.  I figure once folks get a chance to start trying this out and generating some scripts — I’ll get a bit of useful feedback.
  2. MarcEngine — As noted in an earlier post (, I made a change to how regular expressions are treat in the MarcEngine.  This has made the COM component much more responsive and in sync with the rest of the application.
  3. MarcEditor changes:
    • Modification to the Swap fields function: Made the function more like 4.6.
    • Modification to the Edit Subfield function:  Enhanced the conditional subfield insertion functionality.
    • Added an additional check when closing the file to make sure that all changes done in a session create a prompt when exiting the application.
    • Added a close button to the file menu.  This will close the current document while keeping the editor open.
  4. MarcValidator Changes:  In response to Bryan Baldus’s comment regarding validation on a subfield rather than field level — I’ve added the ability to do either.  If you want to validate on an entire field — you use the valid syntax.  If you wish to validate on a specific subfield within a field — you use valid[subfield] (i.e., valida) and then the same syntax as the valid tag.  So for example — expanding the 020 example:

In the below example, only the subfield a and subfield z will be validated.

valida [^0-9x] Valid Characters
validz [^0-9x] Valid Characters
ind1 blank Undefined
ind2 blank Undefined
a NR International Standard Book Number
c NR Terms of availability
z R Canceled/invalid ISBN
6 NR Linkage
8 R Field link and sequence number

 Anyway, I have to test the PERL changes a bit more before putting them out in the wild — but expect to see them late Saturday, early Sunday.