MarcEdit 5.0 pre-update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

There are a few folks that have been requesting this — so I’ll make it available for those wanted to try it.  I’ll formalize the update later this week.  So what does it do?  The change is in how the MarcEngine handles DTDs.  By default, I’ve turned DTD validation off in order to make it easier to share files that have dtds attached.  Unfortunately, the problem is that for users that utilize entities, they won’t be resolved.  So, I’ve modified the MarcEngine so that users can define if a particular transformation should resolve remote entities.  I’ve tested it briefly and it seems to work fine.  However, I’ll be having a few folks test over the week (and I’ll test), so folks can expect a formal, tested update later this week.

Here’s a powerpoint showing exactly how to turn this on: Resolving DTD/Entities in MarcEdit

The information update is found at: MarcEdit50_preSetup.exe