Has anyone ever used Saxon.NET?

By reeset / On / In General Computing, Programming

Within MarcEdit, the MarcEngine makes use of the .NET System.xml libraries.  This has been a very good thing in that Microsoft has a very special class setup specifically for XSLT translations — and by adding some additional code and extending the class, I’ve been able to create a very fast XSLT processor.  The downer however is that it has the same limitations as the System.XML library — i.e., it only supports versions XSL 1.0.  For a while, I’ve been evaluating the Saxon.NET library and it looks very promising.  I’m going to do some testing with the library to see how it compares speed wise, but I really like the fact that it supports version 2.0 of many XML processing languages.  I use saxon on unix all the time, but if anyone has any particular experience working with the .NET version of the Saxon library, drop me a line and give me your thoughts.  I’ll post my impressions later on.