MarcEdit 5.0 updates

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’ve posted an update.  Some of the highlights of the change:

  • New functions added to the MarcEngine/COM objects that allow for the streaming of text into the MARCEngine for direct translation to MARC.  Traditionally, MarcEdit has been a file based tool (i.e., you send it a file and it prints the results to a new file).  The streaming functions allow for raw data to be dropped on the engine with raw data being returned.  The first of these such functions is a stream function that allows for the processing of MARCXML data.  Here’s an example of its use in a vbscript:

const DEFAULT = 0
const CONVERT_TO_UTF8 = 2

Dim obj_MARC
Dim sXML

Set obj_MARC=CreateObject(“MARCEngine5.MARC21”)
Set fso = CreateObject(“scripting.FileSystemObject”)
Set myfile = fso.OpenTextFile(“marcxml.xml”,1, false)
sXML = myfile.ReadAll

sMARC = obj_MARC.ReadMARC21XMLStream(sXML, “C:\net_marcedit\C#\MProgram\MarcEdit\bin\Debug\XSLT\MARC21slim2Mnemonic.xsl”, false, CONVERT_TO_MARC)

set myfile = fso.OpenTextFile(“test_a.mrc”, 2, true)
msgbox “finished”

  • MarcEdit interface, I’ve exposed more of the character translation functions and removed a few of the self imposed barriers as to where these translations can be run.
  • Lots of work while at OSCON on making changes to support MONO.  The gui still isn’t as clean as I’d like, but its running.
  • Script Maker changes: I’ve readded the ability to edit scripts generated by the script maker.  In order for this to work, you need to generate scripts with this new script maker version.

As always, the tool can be downloaded from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe.