Nathan’s First Birthday

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Well, it was one year ago today — Oregon State’s football team was being whipped by Boise State and my youngest son Nathan was being born. He was born at 5:34 am, Sept. 11, 2004 — so today — we celebrated OSU avenging last year’s lost to Boise State yesterday (I’m teaching Nathan and Kenny early to love the Beavers) — and celebrated his first birthday. I can’t believe that its been a year already — the time seems to have just slipped by. I can remember him being born and bringing him back from the hospital… Anyway, we had a very quiet birthday party (much different that Kenny’s this year) — but it was nice. Just the four of us, and Nathan’s first cake. Looking at these pictures sums up how much different Nathan is than Kenny. When Kenny had his first birthday, he touched the frosting and was finished — no messy face — nothing. Kenny really didn’t like sugar up until this last year or so. Nathan on the other hand has a big sweet tooth and as you can see below — jumped right into his first cake experience. Its actually funny, looking at these pictures got me thinking about Kenny at 12 months. In some things, Kenny’s way ahead of Nathan and in others, not. For example, Kenny started walking at 10 months. Nathan on the other hand could walk if he felt like it — but at this point, he’s content to take just a few steps and crawl. On the other, Kenny didn’t start using a sippy cup until about 14 months — Nathan’s been using his since about 10 1/2, 11 months. Its just neat to think about their differences and likenesses — and looking at their pictures — you can definitely tell that they are brothers — but Nathan is a bit taller and a bit thinner at this point than Kenny was. Anyway, I wanted to share a few pictures from Nathan’s big day.

Nathan’s Birthday clothes — we took him in for a set of one year old pictures. They are just darling — I’ll post some when we get them back in a week or so.

Next are cake pictures:

This was Nathan openning his present: