MarcEdit 5.0 and XSLT Engines

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

So I spent a little more time last night doing my final testing before uploading the new build of MarcEdit which includes the choice of utilizing the Saxon or MSXML XSLT engines, and I ended up making a last minute change to make XSLT processing more granular.  When completed, users will now have two locations where they can set their preferred XSLT engine for processing.  First, users will be able to set the XSLT engine globally utilizing MarcEdit’s global preferences:


Or users will have the option to set the XSLT engine on a stylesheet by stylesheet basis.  This means that a user could use the MSXML engine as the default XSLT processor, but utilize the SAXON.NET processor for specific translations.  This option is set at the XSLT translation registration window.

So, I’m spending time today and tonight looking over the new build and making sure that the XSLT engine selection is honored based on the following order of precidence:

Defined by Transformation => Defined Globally => Default Settings

I’m hoping that this will give folks the flexiblity that they need to start moving beyond XSLT 1.0 and building more slimmed down translations based on more current technologies if desired.