Coos to UK — 100 K ride

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I’ve been looking for a nice way to finish my summer riding schedule and this year, I was able to do some riding in my old stomping grounds and help out a good cause all at the same time. The Coos Bay, OR police Dept. were raising monies to travel to the UK and one of the activities planned was a 20, 50 and 100k ride around the Coos Bay inlet and up the Allegany river. This isn’t a hilly course, but it can be challenging with the wind and a few step climbers in the middle 20 miles. Anyway, great ride, though I was a little dissappointed with the turnout. As far as I can tell, only three of the riders, myself, one Coos Bay officer and a member of the Coos Bay bike club completed the 100 k — but it just left more room on the road for me. 🙂 By my best guess, the ride took about 3 hours and 30 minutes or so (9:15 am start time to 12:50ish finish) — alittle longer than I had hoped to finish, but a nice pace all the less. However, the officers really know how to put on a ride. We got a six car escort out of Coos Bay, closing three lanes on hwy 101 for a short period while our small group made their way to the Allegany exit. What fun. Definitely a ride I’ll do next year and hopefully next year I can finish in around 3 hours.

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  1. Thanks so much for coming out for the ride. There were more riders that day going the distance. You probably did not see the rest of us because you were riding too fast. I finished the 100k with another group of three, two local club riders and me from CBPD. This was the first year of an anticipated annual event making up part of the Coos Bay Fun Festival. Come on back year for a bigger and better ride.