State of US basketball

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This will be my off topic rant of the week.  I think its from the lack of sleep, but ugh — I stayed up late last night to watch the US basketball team again, look like a bunch of posers on the world stage.  A lot of folks will say that the team underachieved.  I don’t think so.  I think really they might have overachieved.  Having watched them tank in the last two international competitions, I think that its pretty easy to see why the US team hasn’t been successful:

  1. US basketball is all flash — no substance.  Its the NBA’s fault and to some degree, a reflection everyone wanting to be like Mike (Michael Jordan).  Early in Jordan’s career, he made such a name for himself as a high flyer that few seem to remember that he was a great shooter who got better with age.  He could shoot from all over the court — as could Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, etc.  Today’s NBA just doesn’t seem well suited for shooters any longer.  I use to love watching professional basketball, but in the past 5 or so years, its turned into a wrestling match — where teams only score if they can get to the basket.  Few actually shoot jumpshots with much precision any more.  This is very different from the International style.
  2. A field of 12 good players a team it does not make:  A lot of folks seem to think that you can just throw 12 professional players together and poof — you have a great team that can take on all comers.  I think not.  I’ve always thought that the US should send the College champion to the Olympics.  I love college basketball because its played much more like an international style with kids that are playing because they love to play.

On a more happy note — the Oregon State Beavers started the season putting the hurt down on Eastern Washington (I know — not a powerhouse).  Great way to start the season with 42 points by halftime with many of the first string coming out at the half way point in the second quarter.



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  1. Not a surprise they lost. Not only is BB outside the US played at a very high level, but the NBA game is simply not built for this style of play (and a tournament format that favors upsets, just like the NCAA). It would be a fun experiment to send the college champion, but in this tournament they would be meeting teams with seasoned pros from the european circuit.