What are they thinking!?

By reeset / On / In Cycling, Family

This is definitely going to be one of those venting type of posts. I was enjoying myself — riding my bike in this morning in the cold morning air and between Independence and Corvallis — I was having a great morning. Then, I got to a 3/4 mile stretch right after the Luckiamute River bridge, near a farm/development and I ran into nail central. Now, I’m not saying that the farm/development has anything to do with the number of nails I’ve seen on the road there this summer — but that 3/4 mile stretch of road has consistantly been the one area where I could always count on finding roofing nails, wood screws, etc. all over the shoulder of the road. And this morning — in the pitch dark — I didn’t see the nails and one finally got me. For those that haven’t done it — let me tell you that changing tires in the dark — in the morning — definitely stinks. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining or snowing — then I could have gone for the trifecta (cold, dark and cold/wet)…but I’m sure I’ll get that sometime this winter. 🙂