National Digital Newspaper program: enhancing access to America’s newspapers

By reeset / On / In Readex 2006

Helen Aguera, National Endowment for the Humanities

Mark Sweeney, Library of Congress
National Digitial Newspaper program:  enhancing access to America’s newspapers


Future directions:

  1. NEH will only be making one award per state, looking for collaborative partnerships
  2. Projects should
    1. Have an advisory board
    2. Represent the diversity of the state
    3. Will consider “orphan titles”
    4. Will cover costs for digitization, selection and delivery of information to LC



Guiding Principles:

  • Aggregate, serve, and preserve
  • Consistent with missions and philosophies of NEH and LC
    • Open and perpetual access to the general public and scholarly community
    • Take care to preserve the assets the NDNP builds
    • Must demonstrate good use of taxpayer $
  • System is open
    • freely available
    • available to use/re-use
    • delinking/persistent identification
    • etc.
  • Practical Concerns
    • Out-of-the-box solutions have preservation challenges
    • Analyze technical options
      • Think carefully about formats
      • details specifications
      • etc.
    • Build on LC Expertise
    • Expect to learn from awardees

Mark Sweeney also provided some slides showing what the new UI for the newspapers would look like.  For those interested, see below:

  • Mark Sweeney: (ppt)