Hackfest 2006

By reeset / On / In Access 2006

So this has been my first year attending the hackfest and my first impressions has been, pretty cool.  Hackfest, for those that weren’t able to attend or have never attended, is a social outing (my opinion) that brings together a number of folks interested in technology to address a group of common problems within libraries.  Few groups got to actually put down much working code (though there were some) — but I’m not sure that’s all that important.  In most cases, simply sitting down and getting the conversation started will be enough as these types of things tend to snowball and gain traction if interest is there.

I’m not sure if Dan and Ross are going to keep this URL active or not, but for now, folks interested should take a look at the presentations (and suggestions) that were generated out of the Hackfest, which can be found at: http://hackfest.kicks-ass.net



One thought on “Hackfest 2006

  1. We’ll keep it up for a little while. It’d be good to take a static export and just publish those for the longer term, though, so if we can do that I’ll stop the server itself.