MARC Holdings

By reeset / On / In NWIUG 2006

Sion Romaine and Linda Pitts, University of Washington

(Linda Pitts)

This session focuses on the implementation of MARC holdings within III and the UW’s process converting their free text holdings into MFHDs.  The presentation gave a very quick overview of the MFHD format as well as some information relating to the problems that they have encountered both in moving the free text data as well as dealing with some III quirks with how the holdings information has been rendered.

I actually felt alittle bad attending this session.  About 8 months ago, UW had asked if I would be willing to help them do an automatic conversion of these records.  At the time, I had the time to work on it and spent time talking with them about various things needed to do to do the conversion automagically.  I’ve done this in the past for libraries — but it takes a lot of time to get it done and unfortunately, their desire to start the conversion landed on my busy time (June – August), so I couldn’t dedicate the time to work as closely with them on this as I would have liked.