An Opac Alternative? AquaBrowser and Millennium

By reeset / On / In NWIUG 2006

David Wasserman, King County Library System

A discussion of why and how the King County Library brought up AquaBrowser.  AquaBrowser is an interesting application, but I’m not sure what to think about it to be honest.  However, what I did find interesting was how they sync. data between AquaBrowser and III.  I have a lot of methods that I use to extract data — but none of them would scale if exporting our catalog on a nightly basis.  So what I really enjoyed was hearing about III’s MarcOut tool.  Apparently, this tool provides a simplified method for extracting your MARC data.  This is a tool I’m unfamiliar with — so I’m going to be spending some time chatting with the help desk to figure out what this tool is and how we can make use of it.



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  1. Greetings:

    We are a III library and have just purchased AquaBrowser. Any insights. Did not find the MarcOut tool you mention above at csdirect.