MarcEdit 5.0 Update

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Quick update to MarcEdit 5.0.  The following has been updated:

  1. Support for .pac files in the Z39.50/SRU client
    • I think that this works.  We don’t use pac files anymore — so lets just say that if the documentation that I have was correct — it should work. 
  2. Corrected problem with Find function.  (The program wouldn’t ‘find next’ if the first item found was the first character)
  3. Crosswalk updates
    • EAD, Dublin Core and the OAIMODs stylesheets have been updated
  4. Tab delimited function — users can now insert LDR and 008 into a record.  Users are responsible for making sure that the LDR and 008 data is in the correct format — the wizard only imports data — doesn’t validate.
  5. OAI Harvester — the Mods option has been turned on.  Its been tested against the American Memory project’s MODs output – so hopefully other implementations will be as regular.
  6. There are other changes made — a couple of things to clean up some older code in the MarcEngine, the Editor, etc. 

As always, the update is found at: MarcEdit_Setup.exe

BTW, the documentation has been finished — I just need to move it into the Content Management System that I’m going to be storing the docs in from now on.  I’m guessing this will take a week? — once this is done, I’ll swap the old help for the new and take the program out of beta.  At that point, I’ll likely start the process of moving MarcEdit from .NET 1.1 to 2.0 and look at revising the GUI elements of the openning window.  One thing that I don’t like about the opening window is the multiple menu items (side menu and menu bar) and that I’d like the Making and breaking functions available from the opening window (since they are used most often).  If anyone has suggestions on how this can be cleaned up — give me a holler.  I’m going to be asking some folks at OSU that do UI development to give suggestions as well to see if I can’t streamline usability a bit. 


One thought on “MarcEdit 5.0 Update

  1. Thanks for the new version.

    I’d like to localize the z39.50 client in Marc Edit. If you find some time before moving marc edit out of beta this would be an appreciated feature!