Belated halloween pictures

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I have a number of posts that I’ve started over the past month, but obviously been busy.  At some point, I’ll start writing about why — but for now, I’m catching up.  For example:

Alyce and I took Kenny and Nathan trick or teating this halloween.  They were cuties.  Kenny is obviously Superman, Nathan — he’s Elmo.  I liked to joke that he was Tickle Me Elmo, because if you tickle him, he laughs :).  Everyone loved Nathan’s costume — and we received much candy as a result.  In fact, its nearly December, and we still have a bag full of it.  Ugh. 

One thought on “Belated halloween pictures

  1. How cute! Great grandma Dee said they had an entertaining time when they saw the boys at grandpa Terry and grandma Jackie’s house. Granny Dee said Kenny is quite entertaining and has an amazing vocabulary!