MarcEdit update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Posted an updated version of MarcEdit.  Updates a few stylesheets, removes an artificial limit in the Z39.50 client that limited results to 1000 (you now are limited only by available memory), and modified some install behaviors in terms of checking some local config. files for changes before overwriting them.


Also, I need to post some pictures — because with the release of Mono 1.2.2, I’ve got some nice screenshots of MarcEdit running on my Mac Mini.  The interface isn’t as clean as the Windows Interface (some of the properties that are set on the parent dialog do not appear to propagated through the child controls as in .NET), but it works.  I need to check all the functionality so I can document what works and what doesn’t — but on a quick look, the making, breaking, XML, MarcEditor, harvesting, exporting, etc. seem to work fine.  My only real concern is the Z39.50 client since it currently relies on yaz — which may require me to load a different shared library depending on the operating system.


One quick note, I am doing a little bit of MarcEdit work tonight as well.  I’m adding some convenience features to make editing easier in the MarcEditor (i.e., automatically opening MARC files in the mnemonic format) and recording a few video tutorials based on some common questions that I get.  Also, for those interested, the 5.0 documentation is up on the MarcEdit wiki.  I need to get this information extracted and linked into the program, but at least for the most part, the documentation has been updated as is online hopefully making future updates easier.  I’m also hoping that with the wiki, I’ll be able to create a public area for users wanting to add their own annotations, documentation. 

As always, the updates are available at: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe.