MarcEdit 5.0.2574.28817 Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’ve posted a new update to MarcEdit 5.  The update includes the following changes:

  1. Added a Sort by Title to the MarcEditor and rearranged the sort commands
    I’d been asked by a few folks to add the ability to sort a results set by title — this new function allows that.  To make this work, I’ve had to include a new option in the Program options.  On the “Other” tab, I added a tag for title.  This was done so that users not working with MARC21 can set the appropriate title tag. 
    The value must always include a 3 digit tag + subfield in the following format: 245$a.  The program will utilize the filing characters when sorting the title.  This isn’t the fastest function in the world since the program has to maintained a linked list between the sorted title and metadata — but for files around 20 MB and smaller — this should work fine.
  2. Added title sorting to the Selected MARC records and Delete Selected MARC records.  This will allow title sorting here as well.
  3. MARCJoin — stupid error — if the file was left empty, it would throw an error.
  4. Swap Field Function — Updated swap field function to allow for wildcards.
  5. Work on the delimited text wizard
  6. Various bug fixes with the UI.

The program can be downloaded from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe