MarcEdit 5.0 update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

What folks may not realize, is that MarcEdit 5.0 includes a command-line program.  I added a few more command-line switches to give users access to the XML transformations through the command-line. 

At this point, the following arguments are available:

        -s:     Path to file to be processed.
                        If calling the join utility, source must be files
                        delimited by the “;” character
        -d:     Path to destination file.
                          If call the split utility, dest should specify a folder
                        where split files will be saved.
                        If this folder doesn’t exist, one will be created.
        -mxslt: Path to the MARCXML XSLT file.
        -batch: Specifies Batch Processing Mode
        -break: Specifies MarcBreaker algorithem
        -make:  Specifies MarcMaker algorithem
        -marcxml:       Specifies MARCXML algorithem
        -xmlmarc:       Specifics the MARCXML to MARC algorithem
        -join:  Specifies join MARC File algorithem
        -split: Specifies split MARC File algorithem
        -records:       Specifies number of records per file [used with split command].
        -raw:   [Optional] Turns of mnemonic processing (returns raw data)
        -utf8:  [Optional] Turns on UTF-8 processing — only applicable when breaking data
        -marc8: [Optional] Turns on MARC-8 processing — only applicable when making records
        -help:  Returns usage information


So very simply — if you want to break a file:
>>cmarcedit.exe -s yourfile.mrc -d yourdestfile.mrk -break

If you want to make a file:
>>cmarcedit.exe -s yourfile.mrk -d yourfiletomarc.mrc -make

Remember to update your instance of MarcEdit if you want to give this a try.  Update from: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe