MarcEdit 5 and Vista

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

So I’ve been having a few folks ask about MarcEdit 5.0 and Vista — specifically, are there problems installing one on the other.  Well, I found myself a version of Vista (Enterprise Edition) and gave it a while.  Good news — no problems.  The only problem that I ran into was the install program.  In previous versions of Windows, you could install the program without administrator rights and the program would load components based on the user level.  So if a guest tried to install the program on Windows — it would work — it simply wouldn’t register the COM components, while if you installed as a power user or administrator — all components could be registered. 

Fast forward to Vista, it appears that the installation program, as its currently constituted, requires an administrator to install the program.  Fortunately, I should be able to work around this to accommodate users without administrator rights on their machine — I’ll just need to do a little more testing.