MarcEdit 5 update

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I’ve posted an update to MarcEdit.  Couple of changes:

  1. MARC21XML output: Larry Dixon from LC let me know that the xmlschema location value was incorrectly set on occasion.  Didn’t notice for two reasons: 1) It doesn’t affect my xslt processors and 2) I don’t use namespaces.
  2. Export Selected/Delete Selected — ability to use a file to include a batch set of arguments to select.  If you want to use this function, you will need to include: FILE#:[filename] in the find text box.
  3. Export Selected/Delete Selected — improved performance — particularly adding items to the list (using a virtual list now)
  4. Script wizard changes:  I need to make a few more, but I’ll post these tomorrow.
  5. Tab Delimiter Translator: couple of small updates to continue cleaning the regular expression engine.


You can download the update at: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe



2 thoughts on “MarcEdit 5 update

  1. Terry, MarcEdit so rocks. I had a million MARC records I wanted in a form I could grep, so I downloaded, installed, and used your application to do just that in literally minutes. That included processing the million MARC records! What a great app.