MarcEdit 5 updated

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

The biggest part of this update is the addition of a Z39.50 COM object call.  So for those that install as an admin, they will be able to access the Z39.50 object.  Here’s a code snippet.

Function ZSearch(search, ltype) 
  Dim lobj_Z3950 
  Dim lstring  

  Set lobj_Z3950 =createObject("MARCEngine5.Query") 
  With lobj_Z3950 
     .Database = "VOYAGER" 
     .Host = "" 
     .Port = 7090 
     .Syntax = "MARC21" 
     .Start = 0 
     .Limit = 1 
  End With  

  lstring = lobj_Z3950.Z3950Search(search, ltype) 
  Set lobj_Z3950 = Nothing 
  ZSearch = lstring  

end function

Other changes:

  1. On occasion, you could close an edited file in the MarcEditor without being prompted to save.  This shouldn’t happen any longer.
  2. When working with the Extract and Delete Selected MARC tool, the program was throwing an error when doing a normal search because of a small change to the program on the last update.  This is corrected now.
  3. Script Wizard fixes
  4. Others.

You can download the update from:  MarcEdit50_Setup.exe.