MarcEdit 5 + Linux (and Mac)

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It’s been a little while since I’d taken a look at the progress being made by the MONO group in regards to the GUI development and since someone had asked, I thought I’d see how it was working.  The current stable working version of MONO tested is 1.2.3.  Testing was done on CentOS.  And what did I find?

  1. All major parts of the core MarcEdit program work under the current implementation of MONO, save a few quirks.  This means that with a little documentation and a bootloader to load necessary items to the GAC, you could run MarcEdit on a ‘Nix platform using Mono 1.2.3.
  2. Ancillary programs like the Script Maker, the Delimited Text Translator, Z39.50 client…some of these work, though none work as designed because I need to pipe the call through Mono which isn’t happening at this time.  This is something I need to fix (and its an easy one)
  3. I need to find a good Unicode font for my Linux build.  I tested the MARC8-UTF8 and UTF8-MARC8 conversions and they work like a peach.  However, I don’t have a font to read the data in UTF8.
  4. Obviously, the program isn’t quite as polished on ‘Nix under Mono.  This is noticeable mostly in status windows and messaging windows.  Also, sometimes window sizes are a little off.  This doesn’t affect functionality — just bugs me personally since I know how its suppose to work. 

So, what does it look like.  Here’s some screen shots.

Extract Selected MARC records




MarcBreaker (MARC=>MARC21XML)

MarcEditor Field Count


So, where do I go from here?  Well, I think its probably time to put out some documentation for those brave souls willing to run this beast on a ‘Nix platform at let me know how it all works.  I’m in the process of putting together a tar ball, some instructions and a pre-installer that will handle configuring setup files, GAC installation, etc. for users.  How long will this take — probably a few days mostly because I’m going to see if I can’t clean up a few display things and Jeremy has got me chained to my computer working on a few LibraryFind issues so we can post the source for 0.8.  However, I really do need to get it ready this week — mostly because I will be the the Innovative Users Group May 14-17 and be co-presenting a session on batch editing vendor data.  Since there will be a MarcEdit section with examples — I thought I’d do the samples in ‘Nix just to make it fun (and hopefully it will work). 🙂