MarcEdit Update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

I’ll be updating MarcEdit to 5.1 shortly.  I need to make sure all the changes are working.  This will replace 5.0, and remove the beta moniker.  Ideally, this would have been done much sooner, but I got busy with a number of other projects that really left me with little time to work on MarcEdit.  I’m hoping that the changes will make the wait worth it.  Anyway, lots of changes, including changing to the .NET 2.0 framework and dropping a number of components that I’ve either been able to remove from the package because they are no longer needed or because .NET 2.0 has equivalents.  There are big changes to the XML/XSLT api which need to be thoroughly tested and finally, some new UI components.  For those interested, this is what 5.1 will be looking like when finished.


The idea behind the change was to make the menuing on the front page more straightforward.  This is coupled with other changes (direct Excel support in the Delimited Text Translator), added functionality to the Script Maker, a new XSLT engine, etc.

Also, this version will officially support Linux and Mac (I’m testing installers so that I just don’t need to send a zip file) with the most current version of mono (with a few UI oddities).  Lots of new stuff.  I’m hoping to finish this week, but it might have to wait till next since I’ll be camping and cycling at the end of this week at Crater Lake and then will be in Houston for the week that follows.