Last gasps of summer

By reeset / On / In Family

For those folks trying to get ahold of my since last Tuesday, I’m finally starting to get through my email so unless your message got caught by one of my fairly aggressive spam filters, I’ll respond soon.  So what have I been up to, well, I’ve been in San Francisco with my wife.  Alyce and I celebrate our 10th anniversary on Sept. 13th and due to my oldest son’s need to be in school :), we had to celebrate a little early.  So, the boys went to the grandparents and we drove to San Francisco. 

We spent 3 days in San Francisco with what seemed like thousands of Tennessee fans (there for the Cal-Tennessee game) just hanging out, eating good food and enjoying some time together.  We did a few touristy things like traveling to Alcatraz, the Warf — as well as some less touristy things.  We stayed a great little inn in downtown San Francisco called the White Swan Inn.  For couples looking for a quite place to visit, I recommend it. 

A great trip to be sure with lots of pictures (though very few on the digital camera unfortunately).  On the way home, we drove up 101 to scout out places to take the kids.  One place that seemed pretty neat was the Forest of Mystery.  I remember visiting this place when I was a kid.  There is a trail to hike and then statues of Paul Bunion and Babe. 

I definitely think that we need to take the boys down here.  I think that they’d get a kid out of the trip.  There’s some fun stuff to see.  There’s Paul here, then the Prehistoric forest north of Gold Beach and a small petting zoo just north of Bandon.  Lots of fun for the boys.  I guess we just need a long weekend. 🙂

When we got back to the grandparents, my dad, brother=in-law (Eric) and I headed out to Charleston to take a fishing trip on a charter.  It’s the first time I’ve ever been on a charter and I had a blast.  I’m happy to report that I didn’t get sick on board (though that was in doubt for a while) and we caught a lot of fish.  Everyone came home with their limits meaning that we’ll be having lots of fish over the next few weeks.  (And probably a little more soon when I go out Salmon fishing later this month/Oct).

But now I’m back and settling into the reality that I’m going to need to start using a bike light soon because the mornings are dark and trying to prep for some presentations that I’ll be giving in Oct.