MarcEdit 5.1, first updates :)

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Posted 5.1 yesterday and already enhancement requests.  So, I quickly whipped up the following changes:

  1. MarcValidator changes — I’ve updated the validator so that the 1xx fields are no longer required.  In general, the validator definitions are defined through the validator dictionary files — this includes the definition of a primary title field and the author field locations.  However, in this case, I’d added a catch to post the error if the author wasn’t present.  My bad, but it’s fixed now.
  2. MarcEditor changes:  I’ve hooked the MarcValidtor to the MarcEditor.  This will allow you to perform validation of records while editing data within the MarcEditor.
  3. MarcBreaker:  MarcEdit’s MARCEngine has two MARC processing algorithms.  The first is a strict processing algorithm that requires data to respect all MARC structural requirements.  The second is a loose algorithm that can be used with invalid records to attempt to heal the dataset.  This was something in the 5.0 series that simply happened automatically without prompting or notifying the user.  In 5.1, this has changed.  The validator has been updated to recognize these records as errors and the Breaker has been modified so that when the loose algorithm is used, the user is visibly notified (results text turns red) directing the user to use the MarcValidator to isolate the offending records.

Few other minor changes (mostly cosmetic) — but there you go.  You can download the new files from:



2 thoughts on “MarcEdit 5.1, first updates :)

  1. Dear Terry,

    This is what i tested with 245 because if 245 is absent in any record it should throw an error which is not happening.

    records may be present without Author not title.