MarcEdit 5.1 issues to be fixed tonight

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I found some issues while doing some work on the application last night.  A few issues that will be corrected tonight:

  1. MarcEditor Most Recent list — I’m getting an array out of bounds error because I didn’t check the number of files being saved.  So, it’s possible to blow this array boundary.  Oops.
  2. When I changed the validator to work in the MarcEditor, I futzed it up when working outside the editor if the data being evaluated isn’t MARC data.  Oops.

I found these problems while adding a new option to the Editor.  I find occasionally that folks want to create records in all kinds of crazy charactersets.  While the MarcEdit engine will work with any characterset, the MarcEditor (the notepad tool) really only reads UTF8.  I’ll be adding an drop down box that will let you select a different characterset that can then be used to save, edit, etc. the files.  Whether I get this into tonight’s update, I’m not sure.  I have to see how this affects other functions (since I’m not sure if I’ve always assumed that data will be in UTF8 or not).

Anyway, I’ll post more tonight once everything has been updated.



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