Let the Halloween Pumpkin carving begin

By reeset / On / In Family

Halloween is just a few days away and this year, I’m getting the pumpkin in right under the wire.  The first jack-o-lantern done tonight was for my boys.  Here’s a picture:

For those that don’t have a 6 year old (or a person that acts like a 6 year old), the picture is of the Pokemon character, Pikachu (ピカ?ュウ, Pikachū?).  Both Kenny and by extension, Nathan, are really into Pokemon right now, so I took a shot at immortalizing their favorite on a pumpkin.  I think that it actually turned out pretty good.  Much better than my info pumpkin (MARC record Jack-o-lantern) from last year I think. 

We have one more pumpkin sculpture to finish — but this is my project so its taking a little bit longer.  Not because it’s more detailed (its not), but there are props that need to be finished.  I’ll post a picture when its finished.