Packing on the miles

By reeset / On / In Cycling

I need to thank Kyle — because of him, I’m riding quite a few more miles during the winter than normal.  In a normal year, I’d say that I put approximately 10,000 or so commuting miles on my bike (this doesn’t include my recreational riding).  However, once winter comes around, I generally start cutting back the miles a little bit by riding 1/2 my commuting distance 2 days a week, and the full distance the other days.  This cuts off about 50 miles a week.  Well, with Kyle around, I’ve been finding it much easier getting out every day in the wind and the rain and the crud.  Somehow, riding in the crud with someone seems to make it all better (at least in the morning — there’s nothing good about wet socks in the afternoon :)). 

Anyway, I’ve been tracking my miles since Sept.  Even with traveling over a week each month, taking away at least 5 riding days, I’ve logged:

  • Sept: 850 miles
  • Oct: 1050 miles
  • November (to present): 550 miles

Hopefully, all this extra riding will pay dividends come spring/summer when the recreational cycling begins and my fancy turns towards the mountains.  🙂