MarcEdit Delimited Text Translator changes

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Quick enhancement to to the Delimited Text Translator.  The delimited text translator provides a pretty flexible flexible method for translating delimited data into MARC.  It gives you a GUI interface to profile (and save profiles) of how a delimited text file should be processed.  Of course, a number of strict rules have always had to be followed — the most inconvenient being that subfields cannot be repeated within the same field.  Mostly, this is because the original architecture didn’t have a way to determine if a subfield should just be added to an existing field or be part of a new subfield if the data was repeated.  So, I just made a hard an fast rule that there was no repeatable subfield.  If the delimiter encounted a repeated subfield, it would simply create a new field.  I removed this limitation this afternoon.   You will now find a new option, Repeatable Subfield.  If this option is marked, the tool will allow the subfield to be repeatable.  Here’s what the new interface looks like.  The new option is in the lower left:




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