MarcEdit 5.1 update

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Lots of updates.  Of note:

  1. Inclusion of a plug-in manager
    1. Necessitated the inclusion of Zip functionality (thanks to the SharpDevelop project [])
    2. AppDomain manager (for loading and unloading code)
  2. Fixed Preview file error: Follow the code execution patches, windows has changed the format in which file names are passed to applications.  This corrects the problems introduced by this change.
  3. Fixed Delimited Text Translator:  Essentially, I re-wrote the parse functions to provide better delimited text support.
  4. Lots of bug fixes.

BTW, I’ll be putting up a version of mantis (or something else) to provide easier bug tracking.  This way, I can point folks to my tracking system (which currently is just an access database that I use to track tickets).

The big change is obviously the Plug-in manager/functionality.  The program now supports the ability for folks to create code modules that can interact with MarcEdit.  I have ideas for two new plug-ins — one relating to the Z39.50 client and one being a Dspace plug-in to help me with spidering and packaging HTML/sites for inclusion into Dspace.   Like the OCLC Plug-in, I’ll post the source files of each plug-in as I complete them.

The source code for the OCLC Plug-in can be found at: [update: One quick note about this particular plug-in.  I didn’t get any documentation or help from OCLC, so while I’m confident enough that this works to put it out there for folks to try if they like — please make sure that you make a backup of your Connexion file before processing.  Without the database schema, much of what I know about the Connexion database structure was through examination, and trial and error. ]

Updates for MarcEdit can be found at: MarcEdit51_Setup.exe.

If you need info on some of the update changes, see: