OCLC Connexion Plug-in known issue

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Apparently folks are interested in this type of tool, as I had a few folks trying it.  One known issue and two changes coming in the next day or two. 

Known Issue:

  • For some reason, the internal OCLC metadata schema uses delimiters for the 007 field (even though its a control field).  My default template treats it as a control field so this data is lost.  Easy fix — will be corrected.


  • MarcEdit plug-in manager — Update button.  At present, the process for updating plug-ins is remove the plug-in, restart MarcEdit, then download the plug-in, then restart.  I’ll add an update button so that the process will be update, then restart MarcEdit.
  • Automated check version function on plug-ins.


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