MarcEdit 5.0 Beta Refresh (Nov. 15, 2005)

By reeset / On / In MarcEdit

Well, well…after working with the SRU client on servers not from the Library of Congress — I’ve realized that I didn’t propery setup my internal stylesheets to handle servers that excluded namespaces. I also realized that outside of the Library of Congress, I couldn’t find another SRU server that supported the bath profile — however — all supported the dublin core search profiles. So, I’ve placed the ability to configure the search profile by database. The only caveots is that there is no dc index for issn, isbn or keyword — so all these items default to a title search. Also, a record number search will query the identifier index. I’m not sure if I’ve got it completely right this time around — but after testing a handful of SRU servers, this is working so hopefully this will play out as I test additional SRU servers.

Anyway, I’ve posted the refreshed build at: MarcEdit50_Setup.exe.


2 thoughts on “MarcEdit 5.0 Beta Refresh (Nov. 15, 2005)

  1. Really — I can see the ISSN/ISBN being in the identifier — but keyword I’d expect to work like the bath profile, i.e., attribute 1016. Since there isn’t anything equivalent — I’d thought title best since subjects tend to be either overly broad (in the case of someone using TGM or LC) or single words — in which case, phrase keyword searching wouldn’t be appropriate.