Christmas 2007

By reeset / On / In Family

Christmas has come and in 10 minutes, will go for another year, and it was fun.  Nathan came up with two of my favorite memories of this year’s Christmas.  One happened two days ago when we opened presents at my parents house.  Nathan and Kenny got a little foam shooter and he was hot to give it a try.  I wasn’t  paying attention, and I kid you not, I hear the following next to me.

Click (Nathan shoots off a foam disk)…Ouch!.  I looked over at him and he was squinting looking at me and said: I shot my eye out.  Of course, he didn’t shoot his eye out, but in classic Christmas Story fashion, he’d shot one of the disk near his eye.  Then, not 10 minutes later, Kenny does the same thing.  We had to put that one away. 🙂

I’ll have to admit, I love the Christmas Story, so I had a hard time not laughing while I was making sure Nathan was ok.  Then today, Santa had delivered Kenny and Nathan their presents.  See, we open presents from Mom and Dad Christmas eve and then the boys get to see if Santa brings them anything on Christmas.  I’m not sure how many more years we have where Kenny will still get into this, but this is Nathan’s first year of really knowing who Santa is and why he should care.  We’d spent the day tracking Santa on the Norad Tracks Santa site (a wonderful site for kids on Christmas), and the kids were bouncing off the roof when we finally put them to bed.  Of course, they got up early (or I stayed up too late, not sure which), and ran downstairs.  Kenny started passing out the presents and to his delight, he found that Santa had brought him some presents, Nathan some presents and he found a present for Alyce under the tree as well.  I’d put one down last night to save for Christmas.  Well, Nathan thought this was hilarious.  He was looking over the presents and seen that I didn’t get anything and asked, Dad, did you get any presents?  I said no, and he got a mischievous little smile on his face and said, Dad, were you naughty.  And I said, maybe.  At which point, he happily started dancing around the house, reveling in my naughtiness.  I guess Alyce told him later that I had given her the present and that Santa only brings presents for little boys and girls, but it made me laugh a bit.

Anyway, Christmas was great.  We had a good time with family, helped my in-laws lay some tile in their kitchen and even had some snow (for the first time on Christmas that I can remember).  None of the snow stuck, but snow is snow.  🙂

I hope everyone was able to take some time, relax with family and friends and had a merry Christmas.